General Requirements For Adopting A Child

In this article, you will find some of the general requirements for adopting a child. Adoption is a legal process, which creates a new relationship with parent and child in a permanent situation. As the adoptive parent, you will be awarded the responsibilities and rights of a legal parent, while the adopted child will have all the legal, social, and emotional responsibilities and rights of being a member of your family.

Two Different Types Of Adoption

The following are the two major kinds of adoption:

  • Closed Adoption: No form of communication is allowed with the child and the biological parents.
  • Open Adoption: For this option, communication and contact is allowed between the adopted children and biological parents.

For the most part, adoptive parents usually opt for the closed option as this will eliminate any problems in the future in terms of the child contacting his or her biological parents. However, this will depend on your personal preferences, so it’s best to examine the two options carefully before making a decision.

Persons Who Are Able To Adopt

Based on the general requirements for adopting a child, you are allowed to adopt if:

  • You are without a child, single, or have other children.
  • You went through marital, divorce, or personal counseling. Note that this will depend on requirements of agency and the laws in your state.
  • You have some form of disability, as long as the agency is satisfied that you are able to care for a child and fulfill his or her needs.
  • You are able to provide the child with stability, permanence, commitment for life and an opportunity to become a part of a loving family.
  • Based on the rules of the adoption agencies in other countries regarding general requirements for adopting a child, when it comes to the number of children that you are allowed to have in the adoptive home, this decision will be made by the country or agency.
  • Some foreign countries today are allowing single applicants to adopt once they are independent, mature and have a supportive group with family members and friends. Children with a history of abuse and/or neglect are usually suited for single parents, especially if they cannot cope with two parents.
  • In the US, the agency criteria for infant adoption is usually more restrictive as consideration is only given to married couples. So, if you are married you would stand a better chance of adopting a baby as long as you have been married for one to three years with a steady income and in the 25 to 40 age bracket. Some agencies will accept applications from persons over forty years old.
  • Some require that for a minimum of six months, one of the adoptive parents cannot work away from the home.
  • Lastly, there are agencies in the United States that will only allow couples to adopt if they are not able to conceive or have other kids.

When you are ready to start the process, the agency will consider the general requirements for adopting a child and inform you of the specific placement options and eligibility regulations according to your situation.